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Now Available!

Posted by Juliet Cardin on Monday, September 26, 2016,
In His Alien Hands
A sci-fi anthology by C.L. Scholey & Juliet Cardin

WATER WARRIORS by C. L. Scholey 

Sex with a water warrior takes the word 'wet' to a whole new level! 

Arax, leader of the water warriors, strives to save the life of a foul-mouthed, annoying shrew who is dying in his arms. The human female's injuries are so fierce there is no hope for her unless they put her in a healing machine that's never before been used on a human. The machine causes irreversible side effects, and now Arax...
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Coming Soon....Sci-Fi Anthology by C.L. Scholey & Juliet Cardin

Posted by Juliet Cardin on Sunday, September 4, 2016,

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