July 13, 2010

Hello, thank you for visiting me.  Please bear with me while I begin my journey into creating a website of my own!!  This has been quite an experience for me as I am very techno. challenged!  I think perhaps, I should not have started something such as this on the 13th of all days.  Yes, I am superstitious!  I'm hoping that by the end of this experience I will have listed all of my completed short stories/mini novellas and the days they're expected to be released.  Hmm, where to begin??  I also need to attach the web address for both of my publishers; Whispers Publishing, and Breathless Press...and give them this new web address of mine too!  I guess I should get started!  Again, thanks so much for dropping by.  If you have any helpful advice or hints about websites, I'm all ears!!  Please feel free to leave me a message!