The passage of time stands still for Starr when she dances. When she lifts her hands and her head tilts back, eyes closed, she knows nothing else but the rhythm of her movement. It has long been Starr’s fantasy to dance at Stonehenge. She waits for night to fall, and alone she dances, making her dream a reality. But her dream becomes a nightmare when her intricate dance turns back the hands of time. When Starr’s eyes open, instead of tranquil hills and gentle winds, she finds herself in a primeval world that knows only warfare and desperation.

Two men, champions sent forth by their people, are there to settle a long dispute over territorial rights in a deadly final dance of their own. They lay down their weapons when Starr suddenly appears, taking her presence as a sign from the gods for peace. Starr longs to ease the tension between the tribes she comes to know so well. The clan’s champions’, Jekop, a muscular warrior, and Slane, as fair as Jekop is dark, both vie for her hand. Starr is torn between her desire to return home, and her desire to join with both men in the most primitive dance of all. Her masterful steps become one of seduction, and survival, knowing that to have peace will mean her complete surrender to both men.