I'm very happy to announce the release of my short story, Trapped in Time.  This story won first place in the Whispers 'Make it Quick' contest.  Here's a quick peek of what it's all about...Cursed by a jealous warlock, Clarissa and Tristan have spent the past 100 years apart, only to come together when the moon is full and the clock strikes twelve.  For one hour only may they share their love.  The answer to their freedom lies in a riddle, but their efforts to untangle the clues have only met with defeat and frustration.  Their passion for one another cannot be contained and their short time together is spent showing each other the depths of their desire.  But Tristan has had enough of the forced separation and vows to end their torment, only to discover that love may have been the answer all along.    I've also just been informed that the release date for Just This Night--one of the winners of Breathless Press' Halloween Witch's and Warlock's contest, will be on October 8th, 2010!  This has been a very productive and exciting summer so far!  Stay cool!!