I'm excited to announce the release of two new short stories! Male Order Alien & Pocket Jump.

Male Order Alien;

Jana meets Jared while on vacation in the mountains. On their last night together she agrees to meet Jared at their ‘spot’ in the woods for a romantic send-off. Instead of the sex and romance she was expecting, Jared abducts Jana.
Jared reveals that Jana is to be sold as a mate to an alien on Planet Camar, and it is his job to deliver her, but on their way to Camar they crash. As they embark on their dangerous journey, Jana undertakes a mission of her own: to change Jared’s mind and show him the error of his ways, before it is too late for both of them.

Pocket Jump;

Marley is testing a Pocket Jumper for her high-tech company. For just fifteen minutes per jump, she’s able to go back to any point in time she wishes—and what Marley wishes is to have hot sex with rugged, warrior-type men.
When the Old West cowboy she’s with bears a striking resemblance to the gladiator from Roman times, Marley figures the two must be distant relatives. Then another jump into the distant past brings her face-to-face with a sexy yet familiar caveman…and Marley begins to suspect perhaps her historical lovers aren’t as random as they seem.

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave